c102: Conviction

It was something strange but my senses were honed, by walking on as the forests, mountains and valleys stretched out.
My vision opened up as if my senses naturally connected, my hearing improved.
There’s absolutely no way that that was what’s called a case of the imagination or such.
Walking the woodland path I became able to detect the dangers of my surroundings a moment faster.
Preferring to avoid futile killing, when I thought that beasts had taken interest in our location, we purposefully detoured.
When I thought monsters were lying in wait, that couldn’t be helped so I attacked preemptively.
Even without relying on magic, that which is called a person’s limit might be very high.

「Saira, the current me could beat Till with one fingertip.」
「That’s your imagination nya, more importantly Alice-san.」


「Ah, hai.」
「We’ll arrive at the royal capital soon nya. Are we going to stay here for a while?」

A branching road, as Saira pointed toward the sign there her eyes faced toward me filled with expectation.
Naturally, she’s enthusiastic since she can study blacksmithing I suppose.

「Of course, we’ll stay with the determination to not leave until you grasp the trick for katana practice. It’s all up to Saira okay.」
「I’ll do my best! My arms cry out nya!」
「Fufu, I’ll be holding expectations.」
「Hai desu!」

And so I was a little injured.
Occasionally she’s someone that comes to harsh judgments, speaking of Saira.
Issn’t she? Kyuu?


Why do you avert your face, Kyuu?
I grasped Kyuu from the top of my head with both hands and brought our faces together and, that face was abruptly averted.
You, definitely read my heart didn’t you?
That’s so isn’t it?

「Alice-sa~n, over here over here!」
「Over here~!」

We advanced down the road to the royal capital while I and Kyuu began a pointless fight and, we called out to by Makina and Rin-chan who were stopped before the branching path’s sign.
Oya, and I turned around while my face met with Saira’s.

「Is the royal capital not this way?」
「That’s so but, there’s a renowned blacksmith on this path to be sure.」
「To be sure.」

Rin-chan’s body is jumping with her hands waving as she’s matching her voice like an echo at Makina’s feet.
At some point they came to get along, Makina and Rin-chan.
Maa since Rin-chan is a child who doesn’t do things like dislike people isn’t she.
……And so the destination was postponed, Kyuu!


Making one cry, Kyuu went up my arm and rode on my head again.
The fluffy warmth of that soft stomach, seems like it could become a habit doesn’t it……


We’ve come to a stop.
The place we arrived at via Makina’s guidance.
After the matter of enjoying hiking again for a bit, we brought our feet to a halt and gathered having climbed along a mountain stream.
I, Saira and Rin-chan, looked up to the vast heavens in one group.

「Huge isn’t it nyaa……」

I held back my impression.
Before us as such the unexpected figure showing itself is, a waterfall.
The water raising its rumbling groans fell into the basin below and, a white mist is rising up.
Perhaps carried by water droplets turning to mist, I felt that chilly damp air with my body.

「It’s a superb view, but.」

At my gaze that’s asking just what sort of thing she’s demanding, Makina nodded with an innocent smile.

「We’ve taken the wrong path!」
「Hate the sin and don’t hate the person……」
「It’s~ a joke! Since there really is a swordsmith-san’s workshop here.」

Even if you say that, there isn’t something like a residence to be found in this place surrounded by green forest.
The droplets rising up from the fall’s basin drew a rainbow and it’s something beautiful though.

「Where where!」

Rin-chan created a visor with her hand and looked over her surroundings but, it seems that her results weren’t satisfactory.
Fumu, so that’s how it is right……

「As a conjecture, is the workshop beyond this waterfall?」

She cleanly stabbed her finger toward the waterfall.

「Correct! Sharp, Alice-san!」
「Fufu, I might look like this but my imagination is abundant. Something like the rear of a waterfall, isn’t that the fundamentals of an adventure!」

Don’t underestimate a love of fantasy.

「Is it excalibur?」
「Only that sword, I want to equip it……」

There is becoming a knight and, having Saira make it for me I suppose……
Though in reality I don’t even have an iron sword.

「I don’t understand well but, while we were engrossed in conversation Rin went ahead you know?」

Makina complained to me with her gaze.
Rin-chan quickly approached the large quantity of water gouging the earth and flowing down the waterfall, using the mountain stream’s rocks as footholds.

「Koraa! Danger management!!」
「Kyahaa, deshi, it’s okay~!」

It’s not okay!
It hurts, water!

「――Cast release, Blizzard!!」

The spear of ice that Makina released, pierced the core of the waterfall.
The flow of water split vertically into two equal parts.
I basically couldn’t see any signs of that ice losing to that extravagant waterfall’s water flow and breaking.

「That’s excellent magic, your ice magic?」
「Not at all, I just borrowed it.」

Makina hit her glove with two claps.

「Deshi~, a path was made! It’s fine to go through!?」
「Hai desu nya.」

I also gave Kyuu over to Saira from the top of my head while I was at it.
Having made various conjectures Saira held Kyuu to her breast and, went into the waterfall’s cave with Rin-chan.
Without the event of the sound of the waterfall cutting off it became echoes and reverberates.
And so the 2 people left behind, entered a face off posture as if they were going to do a duel or such.
……There’s no mistake that that’s not entirely wrong though.

「You really do force your way forward and come to face your doubts from the front don’t you, Alice-san.」
「Makina, please show me your status.」

There’s no need to go along with Makina as she points her lips frivolously.

「I don’t want to.」
「As your employer, I order you to reveal it.」
「What’s this, isn’t that something proper.」

Put her hands together behind her head, going ya~ how troublesome, Makina’s feigning indifference.

「Why does that bother you?」
「Well that is……」

I suppose there are a number of reasons for, not being able to register at the guild.
To start with slaves, Ilya also isn’t able to freely register.
Next is red card.
In the case where it’s spread through the guild that someone’s wanted internationally.
――And beyond that, identity fraud.

「I’ll allow you to show just your name.」
「Hahahaa, you occasionally become serious don’t you, Alice-san.」
「Relying on the power of others to determine my destiny, being held by others doesn’t match my nature. Knowing what I need to know and, enacting the proper resolution. Is the matter of devoting yourself to other people’s problems confusing?」

For example even if Makina came to act for our sake from the bottom of her heart, I wouldn’t like it even then.

「Really, a strong person, to the extent that it’s blinding isn’t she……」

Makina released her joined arms and, turned her face down.
――And then she raised it.

「I refuse. I am moving on my convictions. If you want to bend that――」

Makina’s gaze became sharp.
In a natural posture, she readied her lower body.

「Show me that level of resolution.」

A level of pressure that made it difficult to breath.
That’s Makina’s hostility.
But to whatever extent the troublesome matter awaiting us after this is, I want the data to cut through that.

「……That’s, just fine.」

This body is already prepared for battle.
My senses are honed.
To be sure the sound of the waterfall is crushing one of the five senses.
Sound, I well understand that the condition of such as that being blocked is fairly important.

――Kick the earth.

Our acknowledgements are both finished.
To request more than this, words that only scrape the surface are unneeded.
Lowering myself I enter Makina’s breast.
I thrust my lower palm.
However this missed.
It’s the true power the opponent displayed in close combat with Shion-san, I think it’s a class above my own.
From the beginning my first strike was a preliminary test, I released my power and jumped.
Pulling back my released left, and without releasing my momentum I release my right lower palm into her at the same time.
One two.
In the space of an instant, a lightning fast combo attack that didn’t allow the opponent to act.

――Be that as it may, Makina showed she could endure even that.

Acting so as to throw off my arms, my attack was diverted to the outside.
Turning it aside like a willow――this fighting form!
An instant change in perspective.
Those obsidian eyes that lacked temperature to an extent that they make me shudder.
Conviction, is it.


Makina murmured softly.
Most likely a chant.
That girl’s counterattack is coming!
Being cautious I backstep.
Take distance.
Reset my posture――


I used lightning and, took distance at my top speed.
Even so, Makina is right in front of my eyes as if it’s entirely natural.
Speed at the same level as my own!?


Taking Makina’s attack with my arms a moment later――I couldn’t do anything but take it.
Attacking into my opening, I couldn’t avoid it cleanly.
With a motion at a level where I could see it easily Makina reached out her fist and struck.
At the moment of contact, ice exploded――


My view shook.
I was blown away by an incredible impact.
Righting my body after it was sent flying, I somehow brought myself to a halt.
Magic attack?
Physical attack?
My arms feel heavy.
Thanks to the Regenerate Robe, I’m gradually recovering though.
……Am I superior, in pure magic?
It was quite the technique but it wasn’t at the level where in receiving it I couldn’t receive it completely, that’s if it’s her magic.
But if it were a person without magic power, that just now would’ve dealt decisive damage I suppose.


Still more is there!
She naturally isn’t going to wait for something like this side’s regeneration.
In continuation Makina murmured softly.
Looking her over from the front, I defended strictly――――a presence came from directly behind me.


She shouldn’t have escaped me, what is this!!?
My view wasn’t cut!
Even though she was there, she disappeared!
After thinking, I forcibly jumped using my lightning reflexes.
I somehow avoided the direct hit itself but, it wasn’t a clean dodge.
The flame’s blast wave.
Blown away, rolling across the ground, I plunged into the waterfall’s basin as such.
The sound of the water struck my ears.
Drawn in by the muddied flow I was pulled deeper and deeper.


Even though I had no intention of drinking it the water entered my body.
……As if I’d let myself be finished here!
My mouth squeezed out just one symbol.
Going against the flow, after having fallen to the bottom of the waterfall’s basin once, I used magic and jumped off the bottom in one burst.
I pass through the water surface.
The noise in my ears is harsh……
Frankly, the damage is also harsh.
But it’s still not enough to knock me out.
Makina’s standing on the earth and looking me over again.
Her hair has become soaked in water and was brushed away behind her.

「Next is, Light・Impact. But let’s stop Alice-san. With this next one Alice-san――will die you know.」

She’s not a child who would do something uninteresting like, intimidation.

「Even though in magic power, I seem to be superior?」
「That’s completely unrelated isn’t it. You’ll break you know.」

……That sort of technique is it.
Though it’s a vague theory or rather, I know that technique’s atmosphere.
Ice, flame, and then shattering lightning.
In fact, even in my current state having eaten two magics I’m bearing enough damage to feel like vomiting.
I suppose I can’t allow myself to take a finishing attack, even if it’s simple damage.

「……I understand.」
「……Fuu, if you’ve come to understand then――」
「――I’ll also, be completely serious.」
「……I forgot.」

I hate losing enough to die you know.
Receiving my gaze’s fixed glare, I noticed that Makina seemed to be smiling softly.
Though it’s unrelated.

「……Ma, that’s what it becomes isn’t it. But, that’s pointless.」

She knows my fighting style, such an appearance.
To start with if I don’t catch the overly elusive Makina this won’t become a match.
Read ahead into Makina’s movements.
I don’t need force.
More importantly my magic is superior.
It’s fine to do it lightly!


Conduct, respiration, gaze, sensing that with my skin I read Makina’s attack in advance.
――Even so I didn’t hit.

「I, excel at everything you know, as you can see.」

Once again, her gaze and voice has no temperature.
I turned to Makina after she appeared and, slowly refaced my body.

「……Is it just my imagination then, I sensed that just now you――seemed to have disappeared though?」
「It’s regrettable but, there’s neither trick nor contraption.」

It’s not Libra’s teleportation is it.
Up until now that hasn’t been the sort of magic that’s used in battle I suppose.
That’s, this child’s combat style is it.
Frankly I don’t understand.
Her attacks are composite attacks with magic and physics.
Furthermore I can feel her considerable sense but, more importantly what’s troublesome is that method of teleportation……
I really don’t understand that.
But I can comprehend it.
Certainly just as Makina said, this barrier is no good.
I won’t catch that girl at the level of reading just a bit ahead――as long as I don’t dominate space itself.

「――!? This is……Alice-san’s……? I can feel enough magic power that’s it’s scary……Haha, really really such a thing iss……really, incredible.」

For example even supposing that the fight is a clash of obstinacy, I have no intention of losing.
For the first time Makina’s expression changed into something that didn’t have room to spare.
If you’re going to interfere it’s fine if you do.
I concentrate my honed senses.
It’s fine just so long as I don’t receive a fatal injury, with an instinct like kurozukume’s――discard my defense!

「From my right hand is the ancient goddess’s breath.」

The upper class magic born forth from my right hand, go forth as intended……!
It’s from here!!

「From my left hand is the heaven’s eye of wisdom which oversees all.」

I grind my teeth.
Without releasing my magic power, I bring the palms of my hands to the front of my breast.
I combine the magic powers repulsing eachother in front of my breast and cause it to sublimate.
You’re going to relaxedly observe that opening are you, Makina.
That arrogance――I will break it!!

「Deshi~, still~?」

I couldn’t do it.

「……Ri~n~, mou, even though it’d become extremely exciting haadn’t it……regrettable.」

……I as well.
For some reason she regretted it more than me and, Makina reproached Rin-chan.
As it’s the case that with us as such our inner thoughts aren’t something Rin-chan knows, Rin-chan waved her hand from the waterfall’s cave and called out come~ on.

「……Haai, I’m coming now, Rin-chan.」

Fuu, we both relaxed the power in our shoulders.
And so Makina faced me with reproachful eyes to an extent that even I could tell.

「I’ll give you the match.」
「Haha, I’m……I don’t want to fight Alice-san though.」
「N~o! You drove me to bewilderment!」
「It’s fine with my loss though.」
「Ha? Haa!? That’s not okay!」
「Our methods and objectives have already been switched out though haaven’t they……」

I won’t let you escape, Makina!

「De~shi~? Huh? Deshi, soaked!」

We entered the waterfall’s cave while exchanging a heated debated and, Rin-chan’s eyes went round.
Un……even my underwear was done in wasn’t it.

「……That’s strange issn’t it.」

Looking at me drip with water, Rin-chan tilted her head.


Next time 『Swordsmith』


Name: Makina (?)
Race: Human (?)
Age: 15 Years (?)
Gender: Female
Job: Enchanter
LV: 15 (?)


Attack Magic
・Thunder (?)
・Fire (?)
・Blizzard (?)

Support Magic

Weapon: Caster・Glove (??)
Armor: Pink Sakura Kimono
Accessory: ??

Power 2
Endurance 2
Defense 2
Agility 3
Wisdom 1

Mysterious girl.
Black hair stretching to her waist.
Black eyes like obsidian, those big round cheerful eyes are adorable.
Her stature is smaller than Alice’s.
Though it’s regrettable (?) the extent of her breasts is also no different from Alice.

She appeared before Alice’s group while holding a strong conviction.
A person with significant capabilities.
That fighting style is, a little different from normal (common sense).

There’s still insufficient information at this point.
However Alice also seems to be feeling some sort of sense of things being out of place so……?


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    1. But could she be her daughter? Although that’s highly unlikely, it’s still a possibility

      Honestly though, regardless of wether she’s rin or Alice’s daughter I’ll be disappointed


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